Happy Halloween!

6 Candies to Avoid if you're Wearing Braces

Happy Halloween!

We are just days away from our spookiest holiday of the year. With things approaching fast, we are in full Halloween mode. We are currently running our annual costume contest on Facebook. If you haven’t had a chance to enter, make sure you submit a photo in the comments of our contest on Facebook of you or a family member wearing your costume! We can’t wait to see how everyone dressed up this year – including our own Smile Solutions Team!

During this time, we love to get out in our community and participate in all the festivities. A few of our favorite places to go are Downey’s Farm Market, The Apple Factory, Martin’s Family Fruit Farm, Dixie Orchards, Big R’Apple Farm and Albion Orchards Farm & Market.

Since it’s the season of eating, some of the things that are enjoyed by our team members are picking apples, grabbing the perfect pumpkin, and making delicious desserts. There are also farm stores that tend to carry seasonal treats and products that make for excellent dinners. Oh, and while you are out at the farms don’t forget to do the corn maze, one of our favorite activities here at Smile Solutions Orthodontics.

Of course, we’re sure many of you will be enjoying all the goodies this holiday season, always remember to maintain your dental health. We highly suggest that you do not eat any type of nuts, hard kernels of popcorn, caramels, gummy bears, gum, or toffee. In general, try to avoid sticky, chewy, hard foods and any foods that are high in sugar. We also recommend brushing your teeth at least three times a day.

Reminder for all of our patients, with the upcoming holiday season we advise you to schedule your appointments as far in advance as possible.

We want to wish you all a terrific Halloween and hope to see you soon at your next appointment.


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